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A review of performance underwear for horse-riding

By Linda Lewis, She Science Ambassador and HRCAV competitor

Imagine this ‘you’re preparing for a competition; you start your list…’

  • Wash and prepare horse
  • Pack float with saddlery, feed, grooming supplies
  • Pack riding apparel; boots, helmet, jodhpurs, shirt, vest, jacket

You may even consider your sports bra, makeup and what you will eat, but have you thought about your underwear?

Before meeting the girls at She Science my choice of underwear was never a conscious decision. They suggested I try technical underwear aka ‘rundies’ that were getting great reviews from the equestrian community. So over the past months I have put the 2XU, Moving Comfort and Panache ‘rundies’ to test.

The overall verdict

I found that all three styles provided a seamless finish under jodhpurs which was important to me, as it is most riders. Being full coverage underwear all three styles also stayed in place and didn’t ride up at all. The light moisture wicking fabrics were comfortable and kept me cool.

2XU Performance Briefs

The 2XU fit especially well on me, I now wear them as my everyday underwear. They are a bikini cut with a little bit of stick on the edges to stop them moving, along with seam free edges all around. Very comfy! As a bonus these are available in nude so they work well under my white Jodhpurs.

2XU Performance Brief

2XU Performance Brief







Panache Sports Brief

The Panache are great as a ‘tummy tucker’. They are a higher cut and provide more support to all the ‘post-baby wobbly bits’. The firmer materials also help to contribute to this supportive feeling.

Panache Sports Brief

Panache Sports Brief







Moving Comfort Bikini Brief

The Moving Comfort fabrics are extremely light, with a mesh panel across the back that helps prevent sweat patches. The waist band height is fairly standard.

Moving Comfort Workout Bikini Brief

Moving Comfort Workout Bikini Brief








I felt all three styles offer supreme comfort, quality and performance over any store bought underwear. I had tried dance underwear before however they didn’t survive the rough treatment of jodhpurs and saddles, and didn’t have the moisture wicking capabilities of sports underwear.

Am I converted? Absolutely! When I think about it, why shouldn’t we choose underwear for horse riding based on performance.

horse riding underwear


Linda is a She Science Ambassador, a doting mother to one and our resident Equestrian aficionado. Linda is regularly found competing both locally and around Australia at HRCAV events, and rarely goes home without a ribbon. Linda’s work in the Equestrian community extends to helping the lives of others as she volunteers her time as a board member for Riding for the Disabled. 


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Moving Comfort Jubralee Product Review

By Priscilla Barrington, Triathlete, She Science Ambassador

Triathlon Sports Bra Australia Melbourne

For the past few years I have been wearing just lycra crop tops to exercise in. As my training regime has increased over time, sadly my two best friends have decreased and I’ve given them very little attention! I think it is natural for girls like me to shrug off good support with the thought “I’m small – there’s nothing to support!”

Getting fitted at She Science was the first proper fitting I have ever had. The first and most basic step of measuring my chest diameter showed instantly I was wearing the wrong sized bra. Jayde from She Science gave me a few options to try out on the treadmill and also measured the “bounce” – which yes, whilst being ‘small’ the advantage of minimal movement was evident, however there was definitely a difference between the brands. This was particularly evident when at the end I tried a bra that is most similar to what I was previously wearing (lycra crop top) and the movement was clearly greater.

I ended up choosing the Moving Comfort Jubralee bra. Just like clothing, sizes vary between brands and with much excitement I can tell the world I am wearing a whopping 8C!!! Minutes prior had I picked one up off the shelf I would have bought a 10A… I cannot get over the importance of a proper fitting, and recommend it to anyone who will listen!

Moving Comfort Jubralee MelbourneI have now being wearing the Jubralee for a month and absolutely love it. The bra gives more shape than the old lycra crop tops which increases self-confidence – particularly important when getting around in lycra! The Jubralee is traditional in style with two straps over the shoulders, which took some getting use to as I am accustomed to wearing an action back style sports bra. However this style means your back is more exposed and therefore cooler, which has been particularly great over these summer months. It also means you can clip the bra up at the front and spin it around (for those like me who struggle to clip up behind!) – which avoids stretching the bra over your head every wear like you do with a crop top which quickly stretches the bra and makes it ill fitting.

The Jubralee is comfortable, breathable, shapely and fits well under all my sports clothes. I highly recommend it to women of all sizes!

By Priscilla Barrington


Priscilla is a serial podium finished at short course Triathlon nation wide. As her competitive side developed she fell in love with the short course triathlons as she realised she could compete more often with these distances.  Her weekly training schedule is made up on 10 different swim, bike and run sessions. Priscilla is our go-to women for all things Triathlon! Follow her via her BlogInstagram.  



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Nuun: A review of the electrolyte replacment formula

By Emily Thorpe, She Science Ambassador

Nuun strawberry lemonade hydration tablet tablets electrolyte drink replacement 3

One of the things I enjoy about running is exploring and discovering new things. Not just the parks, the tracks, trail versus road, gear and gadgets, races compared to running for fun but what assists you as you go further or faster.

I discovered as I ran further, I sweated a lot. Seriously, a lot! Not only was I quite the Sweaty Betty, I discovered that I lost a lot of salt through sweat and even after drinking, what I thought was enough water during and after a long run, I   would still get a blinding headache later in the day.

Talking through it with a friend, she nodded sympathetically and told me all about ‘runners headache’ that would come on when dehydrated and just water would not cut it; she suggested that I try a drink that helped to replace what I was losing.

Nuun, pronounced “noon” is an electrolyte drink made up of a mix of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium and acts to give back the minerals that you have lost whilst sweating. However, it is sugar free (containing the artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium), and is only 8 calories per serve.

Coming in a tube of 12 tablets, Nuun is super easy to make, simply drop one of the tabs into a bottle of 500ml of water and watch it fizz away. You can premix it and take on the run with you or I usually have one when I get back from a long run and sometimes the day before as well.

A big positive for me is that unlike some of the other pre-mixed electrolyte drinks, Nuun has quite a subtle taste (and colour) and also comes in 11 different flavours, my go-to flavor has become Strawberry Lemonade but the selection also includes Tri-Berry and Lemon+Lime.

But the best thing – no more headaches! Cheers.

Emily Thorpe, @mrs_sabbatical

Emily Thorpe, @mrs_sabbatical


Emily is a She Science ambassador who after running 6 half marathons in 12 months is now training for her first full marathon along the scenic and hilly Great Ocean Road.  A fan of the Rebound Racer from Moving Comfort for running and Berlei for everyday wear as well as Pilates and Body Pump classes. Follow Emily, @mrs_sabbatical on instagram + twitter + blog.




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Shock Absorber Sports Bra Stockist Melbourne Australia

We proudly stock the widest range of Shock Absorber Sports Bras in Australia.

Our shop front and online store stock four of Shock Absorbers most tried and tested Sports Bras, which include:

–          The Ultimate Run Bra / B5044

Ultimate Run Bra

Ultimate Run Bra










–          The Active D+ Classic Support / N109

Active D+ Classic

Active D+ Classic










–         The Active Multi Support (also called the D+ Max Sports Bra Top) / B4490

Active Multi

Active Multi










–      The Active Shaped / S015F

Active Shaped

Active Shaped










She Science stocks Shock Absorber Sports Bras in cup sizes A – H, and back sizes 8 – 18 (30-40).

Having worked closely with industry leading breast biomechanists in the UK, Shock Absorber have a reputation in the market place for being innovative leaders. Scientific analysis shows that Shock Absorber Sports Bras can reduce breast displacement by up to 74% during activity.

Our private in store treadmills will give you opportunity to put a Shock Absorber Sports Bra to the test next time you are in store.


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Moving Comfort Vixen Review

                                                   Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back

In Colour 'Gem Gloss'

In Colour ‘Gem Gloss’


Moving Comfort Vixen Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back 

Cost: $65 AUD

Colours: On trend colours vary from season to season,

Style: Racer back, no hook and eye clasps

Available online & in store via She Science


There is plenty to love about the Moving Comfort Vixen Sports Bra.

This pull over style bra works well for A – D cup ladies looking for a firm support and great shape.

A key feature in the Vixen is the moulded cups. The moulding ensures that shape is enhanced without adding too much volume and nipple show is completely eliminated. Each thin moulded cup is sewn in to the garment to ensure that it stays perfectly in place.

The racer back design means that to get the bra on body you need to pull it over your head. The firmness in the materials ensure that the garment isn’t damaged or stretched during this process, but because of this you should expect the bra to be a bit of a ‘squeeze’ to get in to. The band around the back should fit firmly, this firmness provides your support.

With no fixtures on the straps or the band at the back we love this bra for yoga, pilates and other sessions that involve laying supine (with your back against the floor).

The Vixen works well under most gym tops as the slightly lower neckline reduces the chance for bra exposure. This is another popular feature with women in store.

As we know, no bra will work for every shape and size. We find the Vixen works best for tall women, or women who are long in the torso. This is because the straps cannot be shortened at all. You may find the sizing system this bra uses a little different to most. Below is a conversion for how the sizing works against Australian sizes.

XS A/B = 8A and 8B

S A/B = 10A and 10B

M A/B = 12A and 12B

L  A/B = 14A and 14B

XS C/D = 8C and 8D

S C/D = 10C and 10D

M C/D = 12C and 12D

L C/D = 14C and 14D

Feel free to contact us via with any specific questions about the Moving Comfort Vixen. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

By Tish Monahan, Founder of She Science


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Underwire V Non-underwire…. a customer review

Petrece Kesha, completing the Half Ironman - what a woman!

Petrece Kesha, completing the Half Ironman – what a woman!

My name is Petrece Kesha, I am 41 and a big-busty runner.

I have been running, truly running for the past 3 years and have now completed a 10k, 3 Half Marathons, 3 Marathons and a Half Iron man with 2 Half Marathons and a Full Marathon in beautiful Queenstown, NZ  still on the calendar for this year.  During this time my bust has fluctuated from a 12E all the way up to a 14G and back again – I truly know the pain of “bouncing breasts” and the dreaded “bra burn”.  Running anywhere from 28 – 50km’s per week means I work my way through quite a few pairs of shoes and just as many sports bra’s but thanks to a recent trip to Melbourne I found my new best running friend – She Science.


I used the Shock Absorber in the Rotorua Marathon in May this year and broke the number one running rule by running in it for the first time.  It performed beyond my expectations as not only did I do my personal worst time thanks to an Achilles problem (6:08:54) meaning I was out there for a good hour longer (at least) I was well supported, comfortable and got through the 42.2km’s without the dreaded bra burn…a miracle!

I have also used the Berlei underwire (still can’t believe it) for a game of touch footy, yoga and a couple of my shorter runs too! I absolutely love it and I can’t believe I’m saying that about an underwire bra.  I’m so impressed with its comfort and performance that I’m ready to step it up and will wear it in the Taupo Half Marathon in August.

Tish and the She Science team are fantastic and if you are a runner it’s worth making a trip to Melbourne just to get fitted, the experience was comfortable and invaluable helping me to enjoy my running even more than usual.


“Thanks for your kind words Petrece, we are so glad to hear you’ve had success trying new styles and pushing your personal boundaries with bra selection” – Tish Monahan, She Science

Breast shape in a Sports Bra…. it’s your choice.

Gone are the days of the compulsory Sports Bra ‘squish & squash’ resulting in the dreaded in uniboob. With the new design principles that most technical brands are implementing one can exercise some degree of choice over their breast shape in a Sports Bra.

We get all sorts of requests when it comes to breast shape at She Science. Some customers will make a B line for bras that flatten and squash the breasts, while others will request a pointy or rounded shape. Whichever your preference, we should be able to achieve this.

For those wanting a flat and ‘minimised’ (not my choice of word, but ‘minimised’ is often used by customers in this sense) look, then a compression style bra is what you should go for. Typically these bras don’t have cups. They are made of firm materials with little stretch and will flatten the breast against the chest wall. Often in mainstream retail these are found as crop style bras, although this is not necessarily always the case. For those wanting this look we recommend the Moving Comfort Jubralee, Enell Sport & Nike X back bra.

And those looking to follow Madonna’s footsteps with a pointed or cone shape then a great option is the Freya Underwire Sports Bra. This is essentially an encapsulation bra (that means, it separates and holds each breast firmly apart). The way the seams are stitched in to the cup result in the slightly pointy look. This is popular with women who have been scarred by years of squishing and squashing their breasts into a Sports Bra that they haven’t been satisfied with.

The most requested shape we get is the rounded by separated look. This is pretty easy to achieve these days as most technical Sports Bras we sell offer a combination of compression and encapsulation in their design. That means the breasts are separated, and a layer of compressive material is applied to the top. It leaves a very flattering shape, and a feeling of security. Moulded cups can also be used in Sports Bras to assist with attaining this shape. Some of my top picks for getting this shape are the Berlei Ultimate Performance Bra, Panache Sports Bra and the Shock Absorber Active D+. But there are plenty more that fit in to this category.
While we can afford to get our preferences met with shape these days, my best advice is not to limit yourself in store, but rather be open to a range of suggestions. You never know which bra will feel and fit best, and when you find the perfect match I guarantee you won’t be bothered about the shape it leaves you with.

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Summer running in WHITE! Now stocking white Sports Bras!

Coming into Summer we are starting to get plenty of requests for white Sports Bras.

While most of our stock is held in black, as black is by far the most requested colour for a Sports Bra, we are now carrying a number of options in white. We also have the opportunity to order white in most of the units we stock. These special orders will incur no extra cost, but you should allow 2 – 14 business days for delivery depending on whether the stock is warehoused locally, interstate or overseas.

Some popular models available in white include:

– Berlei Electrify

Berlei Electrify Underwire white

– Berlei Ultimate Performance

berlei ultimate performance she science

– Panache Sports Bra

white panache sports bra underwire

– Moving Comfort Juno

moving comfort juno bra white non underwire

– Moving Comfort Jubralee

mocing comfort jubralee bra white non underwire

– Moving Comfort Rebound Racer

moving comfort rebound racer bra white racerback

– Moving Comfort Luna (also in nude)

moving comfort luna bra white

– Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra White

– Shock Absorber D+ Classic

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic White non underwire bra

– Shock Absorber Active Multi

shock absorber active multi white

– 2XU Ultimate Endurance Bra

2xu ultimate endurance bra white

– Enell Sport

Enell Sports Bra white front fastening

– Freya Underwire Sports Bra

freya active underwire white sports bra

Call us on 9817 6641 to ensure we have your favourite bra in stock in white, or to place your order.

<3 Summer Running in white.

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Product Review / Berlei Pro Elite

For girls sporting DD – G cups the Berlei Pro Elite Bra could definitely be a contender for your Sports Bra collection.

Our customers love the fact they can be in a high support, racer back style bra that leaves them with such a great shape! Some key outstanding features that really work well in this bra include:

1. Underwire – While underwire is not essential in a high support Sports Bra, some women find it a must as they are so familiar with it in their everyday bras. Berlei have done a great job constructing this article as the underwire hides well within the garment and won’t poke into breast tissue when fitted properly. The underwire ensures each breast is well defined leaving the wearer with a great shape.

2. High neckline – A slightly higher neckline leaves an immense feeling of security when wearing the Pro Elite Bra. The containment of breast tissue in the higher cut cups is noticed by all during their wear testing. This feature results in the bra being a stand out option during our biomechanical breast assessments, as the extra material allows very little vertical displacement during treadmill running.

3. Adjustable Velcro straps – A practical addition to any Sports Bra, this gives the wearer the opportunity to adjust the strap tension once they are in the bra. This means your Sports Bra can fit firmly every step of the way.

4. Firm materials – The nylon polyester elastane blend is pointed out by all customers as being supremely comfortable against the skin. It’s designed to wick moisture away from the skin leaving it dry during high intensity activity. The nature of this material coupled with the wide bra band results in a great line around the back, an area that many women fret about during a bra fitting. So for ladies with a DD – G cup wanting to explore the world of racer back designed Sports Bras, this is a must try! We look forward to seeing you in store.


Be Pro elite

Click on the image to learn more about the Berlei Pro Elite or to purchase

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My Moving Comfort ‘Rundies’ review

It was a girlfriend who first told me I just HAVE to get a pair of these ‘Rundies’ she picked up at a fun run in Melbourne late last year. Since that conversation I had heard a few other fellow fun-runners spreading the good word about Moving Comfort’s ‘Rundies’, so I picked myself up a pair at the Princess Park twilight run last month.  To be honest, I was seriously nervous about getting to know my new running partner, after all we were going to have a fairly intimate relationship from the get go! And here’s something you should know about my very personal underwear situation…  Being a genuine type A personality I am your stereotypical neurotic, creature of habit that is resistant to change. I can solemnly swear that for the past 7 years I have purchased only one variety of underwear, in two colour variations of course. My understanding partner can vouch for this!

So, since this review has made it to my blog it’s needless to say I was impressed. Very impressed! The recommendation was a good one. These have now officially made it on to my list of absolutely-no-doubt-about-it-must-have running accessories!

For most women the two most important features of workout underwear are unanimous. Avoiding underwear that rides up as you move and escaping the VPL (Visible Panty Line). I can assure you all, my experience with these Rundies did not leave me disappointed on either of these fronts.

They have used a mesh material around the back of the waist band which I assume is there to prevent those horrendous sweat marks that some ladies get around the top of their…err…butt cracks (is there a friendlier anatomical term for that?!). Regardless of its purpose, it’s nice! It adds to their weightless feel.

And they are not only light in weight. These are like one of those garments that you put on and you immediately forget that you are wearing. Helped by the fact that there are no irritating seams (like seriously, no irritating seams at all!) and the moisture wicking polyblend (80% Nylon, 20% Spandex) is a pleasure against the skin. My main gripe with modern day underwear is the firm elastics used around the edges of the garments that leave pressure marks and cause ingrown hairs around the bikini line – you won’t find any of those issues with these!

Looking at the overall cut, it’s clear these have been specifically designed for the active woman. I’ve seen a handful of running undies in my time that really are just a regular cut of underwear made with a more technical ‘sports’ material.  The entire garment has 20% Spandex through it so there is plenty of ‘freedom of movement’, as the materials stretch as you move.

Lastly, and for me this was the overall clincher, the waist band is wide enough to leave a flattering shape around your midsection. Hoorah! What an absolute blessing!

Whilst it was a somewhat challenging journey for me personally, I am pleased to introduce my Moving Comfort Rundies to my underwear collection. Now I just need to figure out where to store them… With my running gear, or my other undies?! I could wear these every day…

Click here to view our range of rundies.

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