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Melbourne Puffing Billy Great Train Race

I believe the term is “better late than never”.
Melbourne’s Puffing Billy great train race was just a little over 2 weeks ago now, and I did mean to post on this beautiful event earlier but with a few crisis having occurred between then and now there has just not been enough hours in the day!
This 13.2km event runs through the hilly roads from Belgrave to Emerald, racing against a steam train (the areas major attraction!) to get to the finish line.
There are two trains to race against and I am happy to say I managed to beat the second train by a solid 10 mins, crossing the line at 72min. Next year I’m looking forward to smashing out a sub 70min run!
There are some breathtakingly beautiful scenes during the run, none of which I managed to capture with a steady hand, so below is a snapshot of the few pics I did manage to get.

Puffing Billy Sports Bra Melbourne She Science 1

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 2

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 3

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 4

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