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Nuun: A review of the electrolyte replacment formula

By Emily Thorpe, She Science Ambassador

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One of the things I enjoy about running is exploring and discovering new things. Not just the parks, the tracks, trail versus road, gear and gadgets, races compared to running for fun but what assists you as you go further or faster.

I discovered as I ran further, I sweated a lot. Seriously, a lot! Not only was I quite the Sweaty Betty, I discovered that I lost a lot of salt through sweat and even after drinking, what I thought was enough water during and after a long run, I   would still get a blinding headache later in the day.

Talking through it with a friend, she nodded sympathetically and told me all about ‘runners headache’ that would come on when dehydrated and just water would not cut it; she suggested that I try a drink that helped to replace what I was losing.

Nuun, pronounced “noon” is an electrolyte drink made up of a mix of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium and acts to give back the minerals that you have lost whilst sweating. However, it is sugar free (containing the artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium), and is only 8 calories per serve.

Coming in a tube of 12 tablets, Nuun is super easy to make, simply drop one of the tabs into a bottle of 500ml of water and watch it fizz away. You can premix it and take on the run with you or I usually have one when I get back from a long run and sometimes the day before as well.

A big positive for me is that unlike some of the other pre-mixed electrolyte drinks, Nuun has quite a subtle taste (and colour) and also comes in 11 different flavours, my go-to flavor has become Strawberry Lemonade but the selection also includes Tri-Berry and Lemon+Lime.

But the best thing – no more headaches! Cheers.

Emily Thorpe, @mrs_sabbatical

Emily Thorpe, @mrs_sabbatical


Emily is a She Science ambassador who after running 6 half marathons in 12 months is now training for her first full marathon along the scenic and hilly Great Ocean Road.  A fan of the Rebound Racer from Moving Comfort for running and Berlei for everyday wear as well as Pilates and Body Pump classes. Follow Emily, @mrs_sabbatical on instagram + twitter + blog.




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Moisture-wicking materials in Sports Bras

When it comes to Sports Bras, there are three important qualities when looking specifically at the material construction. Those are that it is firm yet flexible, is breathable and last but most certainly not least, that it has moisture-wicking properties.
Moisture-wicking materials draw moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric. This is a more effective way of evaporating sweat as it is easier for the moisture to vaporise from the outside of the fabric, than it is when it is caught between the skin and the bra.

I took the liberty of photographing a bra I recently trialled on a short distance (6km) run in moderate temperature conditions. In the first image you can see that the moisture is sitting on the outside surface of the bra, which is made up of a moisture-wicking material.

sweat 1
In the second image you will note that there is a significant amount of sweat also sitting on the inside of the bra, which is a cotton material. The real shame with this product is that they have gone to the effort of using moisture wicking materials for the external construction, but the cotton layer that sits against the skin prevents this from being able to do its best work. I left the bra for 30 minutes post work out, and there was no significant change in moisture distribution. The sweat was still sitting in the cotton lining.

sweat 2
It’s not uncommon to find cotton used in many quality Sports Bra options. You just need to be careful about where the cotton lies within the garment.

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