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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Review

With a plethora of industry awards, the Shock Absorber Sports Bra brand is a well-known leader in its field. This particular bra has been involved in a highly regarded study conducted by Scurr et al, out of the Portsmouth University in the UK where it found that the Ultimate Run Bra reduced breast displacement (bounce!) by up to 78%.
The moisture wicking materials used are firm yet light compared to many of the other bras I have used in the past, so immediately there is a feeling of radical freedom of movement. This is helped by the racer back style. Not a traditional racer back however, the Ultimate Run bra has a dual clasp at the back which makes this much easier to get on and off than a traditional racer back bra, providing you have decent should range of motion to get the top clasp done up.
There is also plenty of quality adjustability on this model with a soft hook and eye clasp on the bra band as well as a firm bra strap adjustability system that’s unlikely to give as you work out.

As a 10DD this was a great high impact option for me, which I felt uninhibited running in. I also enjoyed the shape it gave me by separating the breasts well, so it quickly became a favourite for my gym, personal training and pump sessions too.

With sizes up to a G cup this will be a key style for bigger busted women seeking a firm level of support. Something to watch with the sizing is the bra band size. Mine fitted a little tighter than most 10’s I wear so be sure to try before you buy so you get the perfect fit!

Click the below images for more info on the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra or to purchase.

shock absorber ultimate run bar shescience melbourne

Shock Absorber ultimate run bra

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How to avoid breast bounce when exercising

For those who have been put off being active due to embarrassing bouncing breasts or worse painful bouncing breasts then this post is for you.

Of course there are a host of impractical ways to avoid your boobs giving you are black eye. One that comes to mind is a move made famous by a teenage Christina Richie in the movie Now & then, she taped her breasts down with masking tape in an attempt to pretend they didn’t exist.

But lucky for us there are plenty of genuine ways to reduce your breasts from bouncing so that you can remain active.

1. Wear a supportive, functionally appropriate Sports Bra

A bra that both separates (aka encapsulates) each breast and compresses your chest will work best for boobs that bounce excessively. There are plenty of fraudulent Sports Bras being sold in stores and online so if you aren’t getting any relief from a Sports Bra then keep looking… with the recent advances in the product there are some brilliant options for women of all cup sizes on the market these days.

2. Wear an additional support layer

This could include a singlet with a built in shelf bra, or a basic crop-top-type-bra that will give you that extra little bit of support and feeling of security.

3. Alter your activity profile

Choose low impact activities like walking, cycling and using the rowing machine at the gym. Remembering that low IMPACT does not always mean low INTENSITY, so you can still get a great workout with this sort of activity.

4. Try water running

Studies show that running in deep water reduces Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort to an insignificant level. It does not necessarily reduce the amount of breast displacement (bounce), but the reduction in displacement velocity will have you feeling much more comfortable running in water when compared to running on land.

As a big busted female, who has in the past opted out of activity due to Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort it’s frustrating to see so many other women fall in to that trap when there really is no reason to these days. In recent times their have major developments to the design and materials used in Sports Bras which has resulted in huge advancements for the product.

Of course there is no one ‘best style’ so it comes down to being fitted correctly, by someone who is able to take in to account your activity profile, body shape and personal style preferences. Here are some reviews I have done in the past, along with a list of top Sports Bras for bigger busted women.

Good luck, don’t give up!

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Melbourne Puffing Billy Great Train Race

I believe the term is “better late than never”.
Melbourne’s Puffing Billy great train race was just a little over 2 weeks ago now, and I did mean to post on this beautiful event earlier but with a few crisis having occurred between then and now there has just not been enough hours in the day!
This 13.2km event runs through the hilly roads from Belgrave to Emerald, racing against a steam train (the areas major attraction!) to get to the finish line.
There are two trains to race against and I am happy to say I managed to beat the second train by a solid 10 mins, crossing the line at 72min. Next year I’m looking forward to smashing out a sub 70min run!
There are some breathtakingly beautiful scenes during the run, none of which I managed to capture with a steady hand, so below is a snapshot of the few pics I did manage to get.

Puffing Billy Sports Bra Melbourne She Science 1

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 2

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 3

Puffing Billy Melbourne Sports Bra She Science 4

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Deep water running to reduce Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort

I fully understand the vicious cycle that many large breasted women find themselves trapped in when it comes to exercise. Those who suffer from Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort are unlikely to be active due to the pain experienced during activity which then leads to weight & breast volume gain, and as a result of this an increased amount of discomfort during activity.

The vicious Exercise Induced Breast Pain cycle

The vicious Exercise Induced Breast Pain cycle

The exercise opt out rate associated with this discomfort and general embarrassment is what originally drove me to open my Sports Bra store in Melbourne. It is a problem that effects more women then there are that are willing to admit it.

In 2007 prominent breast health researchers Deidre McGhee, Julia Steele and Bruce Power (whom I have referenced on many occasions in my blog posts) conducted a study to determine if Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort is reduced when running in water compared to running on a treadmill.

They hypothesised that during deep water running there would be a decreased breast displacement which would result in a reduction in breast pain.

They found that there was a significant reduction in self-reported breast pain and discomfort during water running when compared to treadmill running. But they concluded that this was in fact related to a reduction in peak mean vertical breast velocity, rather than the amount of total breast displacement. Meaning that the water had reduced the speed at which the breast moved more than it did the overall amount of movement. Either way, water running was found to totally eradicate breast pain and reduce breast discomfort to insignificant in the 16 women tested.

Breaking the Exercised Induced Breast Pain cycle with water running.

Breaking the Exercised Induced Breast Pain cycle with water running.

During this study the women did not wear a Bra or Sports Bra during the testing, and still noted the elimination of pain and discomfort. A swimming costume will provide some compression and hence a mild amount of breast support. You could also wear a crop top or a swimming specific bra (eg 2XU Tri Bra) under a swimming costume to give you that extra feeling of security in the water.

Water running is a great cardiovascular workout that also has muscle strengthening benefits. It has the potential to break the vicious cycle that many big busted women face, and in turn significantly improve these women’s active participation in life.

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When is it time to throw out your Sports Bra?

Repeatedly, the worst cases of bra abuse that I come across are related to Sports Bras (followed closely by the Strapless Bra of course). This generally comes in the form of overuse and misuse.

Like the anti-microbial nature of moisture wicking material, and the memory of foam in athletic footwear, the materials in corsetry have a lifespan or as I usually say a ‘best before’ period.

Firstly, here’s an issue I think exists in the technical Sports Bra manufacturing industry… Because the products are now built with such quality materials and superior designs it takes some time for the garment to actually show signs of ‘damage’. As it is common consumer behaviour not to replace something unless it is broken it’s not unusual to see women running their Sports Bra in to the ground blissfully unaware that it’s lost all of its functional support.

So, if it’s not falling apart at the seams how could we be expected to know when to replace our Sports Bra?

1. If you start to experience chaffing or hot spots. As the materials lose their elasticity your Sports Bra will become loose fitting which can cause friction as you move. Another side effect of a loose fitting Sports Bra is a reduction in breast support.

2. Elongated straps. If the stretch material in your straps is no longer functional there will be a compromise in your overall feeling of support, this will show through elongated bra straps.

3. Straps that dig in. This is an indication that the elastic nature of the strap material is no longer functional.

4. Hook damage. Signs of damage to the hook closure can be due to washing machine trauma, but it can also be due to overuse. If your Sports Bra is having to rely on the hook and eye closure to aid in support once the materials are damaged it’s a clear sign your bra is either being misused or overused.

5. Smell. Most technical Sports Bras use antimicrobial fabrics which aid in odour control. After too many washing cycles this becomes compromised and your Sports Bra is likely to hold the odour of sweat.

To ensure that your ‘bra abuse’ doesn’t quickly turn in to ‘breast abuse’ you should calculate exactly how long each of your Sports Bras will last, this post should help you do that.

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