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Melbourne’s newest Sports Bra store – She Science

After years of development it’s been an absolute joy to watch my farfetched dream slowly turn into a reality. So with just 1 month to go until our (hopeful) launch date I am thrilled to announce that Melbourne’s newest Sports Bra store, She Science, will be opening in Kew this August!

My goal for She Science is to provide a set of solutions to the problems that so many women face when purchasing Sports Bras. Many women unnecessarily opt out of leading an active lifestyle due to the discomfort and embarrassment caused by their breasts.

She Science will offer a variety of in store shopping experiences that can be tailored to each individual’s personal preferences. There will be an emphasis on achieving the best fit, enhancing ones form and prescribing the most functionally appropriate option for each customer.

We hope that these three things will improve the comfort, confidence and performance of our customers.

Our stock includes the following brands:


Shock Absorber

Moving Comfort




Anita Active

This carefully selected, tried and tested range will cover A – J cups and be suitable for women participating in any array of sports.

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29 sleeps!


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