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The benefits of being in a technical Sports Bra for horse-riding

By Tish Monahan, co-founder of Sports Bra Store – She Science

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As a busty rider myself and having helped hundreds of horse-riders in store I’ve put together a list of exactly what to look for when choosing a Sports Bra for horse-riding, and why you’ll be more comfortable in the saddle as a result.

  1. Bounce less.

Let’s start with the obvious. Studies show that a technical Sports Bra can reduce bounce by up to 80%. A well fitted Sports Bra will decrease both the amount breast displacement (bounce) and the rate of displacement. Recent research suggests it is the rate of breast displacement that causes breast discomfort. Anecdotally we know it is the amount of breast displacement that causes embarrassment. The end result means riders will be more comfortable and confident when in the saddle.

2. Get a great shape.

Traditionally Sports Bras were designed to squish the breasts together and squash them against the chest wall. While this is somewhat effective at controlling movement, it is not a flattering outcome, particularly for a busty woman. These days technical Sports Bras are designed to separate the breasts and then add a layer of compression which will leave a much more natural shape and avoid the ‘uniboob’ look.

3. Shed the second layer bra.

No woman should have to wear two Sports Bras just to feel supported. A technical Sports Bra will do a better job than the double layer system, and it will leave you feeling more comfortable with a neater strap configuration and less risk of pressure indents around your rib cage.

4. Moisture wicking materials.

Long rides plus hot weather (or multiple layers during winter) can cause a nasty sweating situation around your upper body. Being designed essentially for running and endurance type activities, a technical Sports Bra will offer moisture wicking materials to help draw sweat from the body to the outer layer of the garment. This helps control odour and also reduces the chance of bra burn.

5. It’s all about the fit.

If you’re not wearing the right size then even an award winning Sports Bra won’t get you a good result. To get the best result out of your Sports Bra the band should fit firmly around your ribcage. This takes unnecessary pressure off your shoulders and assists with posture in the saddle.

6. Coverage is king.

When trying to control breast bounce we need to block the vertical escape route of breast tissue. That means being in a Sports Bra that offers complete breast coverage using firm materials, and avoids cleavage. Women love the secure feeling that a high coverage Sports Bra leaves them with.

For ladies in Melbourne, you can visit our retail store in Kew, which specialises just in Sports Bras and caters for cup sizes A – J. We’ll also be at EQUITANA this November, at booth number 163 in the John Deere Pavillion.

For those not local to our store we offer our entire range online, and are only a phone call away for extra advice. Follow us online via facebook or instagram.

Here are some of our go-to options for horse-riders in store:


Enell Sports Bra, available in black or white
Click image for more details.

Click on the image for more details or to buy online

The Shock Absorber Active D+, available in black or white.
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Click on the image for more details or to buy online

2XU Ultimate Endurance Bra
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Elomi Energise, available in black, white, nude and red.
Click image for more details.

Moving Comfort Luna moulded Sports bra

Moving Comfort Luna, available in black, white and nude.
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Ultra Marathon Runner Kellie Emmerson reviews the ‘Rebound Racer’

I was lucky enough to discover the Rebound Racer following a professional fit at She Science. It is now my favourite!

It is a bit of a squeeze to get into, but once on is a great fit, and the first bra that I have worn in longer races without nasty chafe under the breasts.

I like the fact that this bra is quite compact, offering a nice shape without unnecessary padding, combining encapsulation and compression, to deliver high impact support.  It has a racer back to allow the shoulder blades to move freely, whilst hiding elegantly under my run tops (because no one wants to see your bra straps!).

The Rebound Racer is not only adjustable at the rear, but also has convenient velcro padded straps accessible from the front via hook and loop.  This means that it would also be suitable for new mums. The slight padding on the straps also gives me some confidence that my hydration pack won’t rub my collar bones raw after a few hours on the run!

I am generally not one for much colour, so the fact that I can brighten up below the surface is fun. Though colours are more limited in the smaller sizes, there are a wide range of shades available to brighten up your day!

Kellie testing the Rebound Racer while holidays in the Caribbean!

Kellie testing the Rebound Racer while holidays in the Caribbean!


“Thanks for your review Kellie! The rebound is such a perfect bra for your size, shape and activity demands. It’s coming in some new exciting colours soon (in the 8 bands too!).” – Tish Monahan, She Science




Underwire V Non-underwire…. a customer review

Petrece Kesha, completing the Half Ironman - what a woman!

Petrece Kesha, completing the Half Ironman – what a woman!

My name is Petrece Kesha, I am 41 and a big-busty runner.

I have been running, truly running for the past 3 years and have now completed a 10k, 3 Half Marathons, 3 Marathons and a Half Iron man with 2 Half Marathons and a Full Marathon in beautiful Queenstown, NZ  still on the calendar for this year.  During this time my bust has fluctuated from a 12E all the way up to a 14G and back again – I truly know the pain of “bouncing breasts” and the dreaded “bra burn”.  Running anywhere from 28 – 50km’s per week means I work my way through quite a few pairs of shoes and just as many sports bra’s but thanks to a recent trip to Melbourne I found my new best running friend – She Science.


I used the Shock Absorber in the Rotorua Marathon in May this year and broke the number one running rule by running in it for the first time.  It performed beyond my expectations as not only did I do my personal worst time thanks to an Achilles problem (6:08:54) meaning I was out there for a good hour longer (at least) I was well supported, comfortable and got through the 42.2km’s without the dreaded bra burn…a miracle!

I have also used the Berlei underwire (still can’t believe it) for a game of touch footy, yoga and a couple of my shorter runs too! I absolutely love it and I can’t believe I’m saying that about an underwire bra.  I’m so impressed with its comfort and performance that I’m ready to step it up and will wear it in the Taupo Half Marathon in August.

Tish and the She Science team are fantastic and if you are a runner it’s worth making a trip to Melbourne just to get fitted, the experience was comfortable and invaluable helping me to enjoy my running even more than usual.


“Thanks for your kind words Petrece, we are so glad to hear you’ve had success trying new styles and pushing your personal boundaries with bra selection” – Tish Monahan, She Science

Are you wearing the right Sports Bra?

We’ve all heard the stat that 8/10 women don’t wear the right size bra, but what comes next may shock you. It has been suggested that 73% of women who exercise regularly don’t do so in a Sports Bra.

As an ambassador for the technical Sports Bra industry these numbers scare me, but as I survey the women around me in my group fitness classes it’s easy to see that they are accurate.

I believe there is a general misunderstanding as to what a Sports Bra actually is. For years we were educated to believe Lycra crop tops sold in sports stores were our only option. This could have been the case 10 years ago, but since then the Sports Bra industry has come a long way.

Now-a-days it’s not all just about the ‘squish and squash’, and breasts larger than a C cup can now be well supported during activity.

Here are my top tips to finding your best Sports Bra:

1. Hook and Eye clasps are essential.

If you’re able to stretch your Sports Bra over your head without the use of any clasps then the chances you are only getting a mild amount of support from your bra. The stretch in the fabrics will not restrict bounce as you move during activity. The lifespan of your bra will improve significantly with this small feature.

2. Firm materials offer the best support

Most technical Sports Bras use firm, non-stretch materials in their cups. This helps reduce movement by stabilising breast tissue. It also leaves a firm secure feeling of support. We will sometimes see these firm materials represented as moulded cups. Women of all shapes and sizes can explore moulded cup bras. They can be the most flattering, particularly for larger busted ladies!

3. Coverage is key

‘Push up’ and ‘Sports Bra’ should never be used in the same sentence. It’s simple really, a Sports Bra that leaves cleavage will not block the vertical escape route of breast tissue and has no chance of reducing breast displacement. This can be particularly evident during low impact activities like Yoga and Pilates where we are often found bending or leaning over.

4. Underwire V Non-underwire

I believe the decision for underwire or non-underwire really is up to the wearer. But it should be noted that underwire is there to enhance shape, not to offer support. With so many advances in the design and construction of technical Sports Bras in the last 10 years you can now get a great shape out of some non-underwire bras that offer top support too.

5. It’s all about the fit

Getting the fit right is crucial as most of the support is generated by the bra band around your back. The biggest mistake made is wearing the bra band too loose. If this doesn’t sit firmly around you the bra band will ride up and down, and following the see-saw effect, so will your bust. A loose bra band is also the biggest cause of bra chafing.

Good luck with your Sports Bra shopping!

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