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Moving Comfort Vixen Review

                                                   Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back

In Colour 'Gem Gloss'

In Colour ‘Gem Gloss’


Moving Comfort Vixen Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back 

Cost: $65 AUD

Colours: On trend colours vary from season to season,

Style: Racer back, no hook and eye clasps

Available online & in store via She Science


There is plenty to love about the Moving Comfort Vixen Sports Bra.

This pull over style bra works well for A – D cup ladies looking for a firm support and great shape.

A key feature in the Vixen is the moulded cups. The moulding ensures that shape is enhanced without adding too much volume and nipple show is completely eliminated. Each thin moulded cup is sewn in to the garment to ensure that it stays perfectly in place.

The racer back design means that to get the bra on body you need to pull it over your head. The firmness in the materials ensure that the garment isn’t damaged or stretched during this process, but because of this you should expect the bra to be a bit of a ‘squeeze’ to get in to. The band around the back should fit firmly, this firmness provides your support.

With no fixtures on the straps or the band at the back we love this bra for yoga, pilates and other sessions that involve laying supine (with your back against the floor).

The Vixen works well under most gym tops as the slightly lower neckline reduces the chance for bra exposure. This is another popular feature with women in store.

As we know, no bra will work for every shape and size. We find the Vixen works best for tall women, or women who are long in the torso. This is because the straps cannot be shortened at all. You may find the sizing system this bra uses a little different to most. Below is a conversion for how the sizing works against Australian sizes.

XS A/B = 8A and 8B

S A/B = 10A and 10B

M A/B = 12A and 12B

L  A/B = 14A and 14B

XS C/D = 8C and 8D

S C/D = 10C and 10D

M C/D = 12C and 12D

L C/D = 14C and 14D

Feel free to contact us via with any specific questions about the Moving Comfort Vixen. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

By Tish Monahan, Founder of She Science


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