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At the age of seventeen I was driven to endure a breast reduction. My love of all things sport was forced to come to an absolute halt when I began to experience exercise induced breast pain around the age of fifteen. I went on to study Podiatry at university exposing me to the world that was ‘biomechanics’. After working in the athletic footwear industry for 9 years, alongside my clinical Podiatry role,  I grew frustrated that there was so much service around athletic footwear but no retailers offering the same with Sports Bras.

This frustration grew to become passion. I emerged myself in the Sports Bra industry by reviewing product for leading brands, studying the past and present literature published on breast biomechanics and Sports Bra construction, and completing industry courses both locally and internationally.

Since starting this blog I have launched my Specialty Sports Bra store in Kew, Melbourne AUS. She Science, is Australia’s only store specialising in Sports Bra fitting and prescription. The Sports Bra industry has come a long way in the last 10 years and I look forward to bringing the new and improved product to my customers for many years to come.

The intention for this blog is to deliver interesting, relevant & current information that continues to fuel my passion for all things Sports Bras.

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