Bra fit troubleshooting volume #3 – One breast bigger than the other

As this effects 1 in 3 of us, I figured it’d be a good problem to dissect.

To get us started, here is a fun fact that I learnt during my Bra fitting studies. For those of us with one breast bigger than the other, 75% of time the right breast is larger than the left. At this point in time there doesn’t seem to be any scientific theory about why.

There is only really one thing you need to know about dealing with ‘uneven breast syndrome’ (that’s my name for it!), always fit the larger breast, period. There are no buts about it, that is the only technically correctly (and most importantly, flattering!) way to do it.

If you have a full cup (or more!) size difference you should try some of my ideas below to ensure your smaller breast doesn’t look out of place in the bigger cup.

1. Look for ‘stretch’ materials in the cup. This material is more likely to conform against the smaller breast resulting in less empty space and unsightly bunching of materials.

2. Try a slightly padded contoured cup option. A padded every day bra will give a predetermined shape regardless of whether your breast fills out the cup.

3. Add chicken fillets or removable breast pads. This is obviously not appropriate for Sports Bras as there is just too much movement to accommodate this. In your every day or special occasion bra it’s a great way to go. These come in different sizes depending on where you are purchasing them from, so hunt around for a size that will give you the right adjustment.

4. Avoid underwire Sports Bras. When it comes to Sports Bras there are plenty of options without underwire cups. The right option will still give you a great shape and leave you with less chance of bunching material.

And the last piece of advice I give to my customers with uneven breasts is to ensure sure they work on their glute & leg strength of their smaller breasted side… after all, you don’t want to end up running in circles do you! (Thankfully, to date, most of my customers have managed to appreciate the humour in this!).

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Bra fit troubleshooting volume #3 – One breast bigger than the other

  1. Winnie

    After lumpectomies and radiation (still on-going), my left breast is smaller than my right. I anticipate the size difference will be even greater in a few months after all is said and done, and currently the left side needs more support than the right because of it’s tender condition. Any recommendations for material I could use to pad the left side for distance running? I have InknBurn bras, which have a pocket for medesty pads, which I think will give me a good chance at keep the material in place. I may cutup a tech shirt & try using that.

    1. shescienceblog

      Hi Winnie,

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to read about your recent surgery and ongoing issues!

      The most important thing to consider for long distance running when it comes to additional padding is to reduce the chance of movement which may cause irritation, chaffing or bra burn. You may need to tape the padding down in the pouches (use fixomul or mefix).

      Choosing padding with an even finish (not sure a cut up tech tee will do this, it may bunch or crinkle) is going to be essential. Thats why the breast pads / ‘chicken fillets’ commercially produced work well.

      Good luck!!

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