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All The Comfort, Style and Support a Girl Wants

The first thing you look for in a sports bra, like any other piece of clothing, is comfort. And, the Brooks Rebound Racer provides just that, plus style and support – all things a girl could want out of a bra.

_S1_2762Around six months prior to taking on my She Science ambassador role, I had already purchased a Rebound Racer after being fitted by Ange. I wore it almost every day. Since then, I have adopted three more of the same, just in different colours.

What could possibly be so great about this model that I just keep going back for more? Well, there are several features on the Rebound Racer that, as a teen, I love.

Firstly: the adjustable shoulder straps. The straps have small tabs of velcro neatly tucked away underneath enabling you to, at any point, change your mind and loosen or tighten them to your liking.

350037_690_d1_ZM_clipped_rev_1350037_690_d2_ZM_clipped_rev_1Then there is the adjustable back clip with three different tightness options. This allows for a longer period of use as the fabric may stretch (although, I’ve had my oldest one for over a year and I have yet to feel the need to tighten the clasp). The back clip allows you to be supported and the bra to sit firm around your chest, but without feeling like you are trying really hard to breath during a workout or whilst running errands.

Another well thought out feature of the sports bra is the two layers of fabric. The first layer is to ensure you don’t have any uncomfortable situations that some women may encounter when it becomes cold, with the second thicker layer, which is almost like a bandage, providing the tightness or support you relate to by feeling held in.

And fourth but certainly not final: the colour range. Wearing my Rebound Racer bras every day, I feel like I need some variation in colour. With the choice I have (green, blue, purple and pink), I can turn on my inner fashionista and mix and match with my ”outfit” (9/10 times it is Lycra to go out for a ride).

Images provided by Brooks 

As I mentioned before I am an active teen. I ride bikes, go to school and work in a bike shop. Running from place to place, I need something that will keep me feeling supported and can continue to do so in the various activities I complete on a daily basis. At 16, I have well and truly stepped off the puberty train and developed into a young women. I wear a size 10D and, for my age, I would classify myself as small breasted. But even being a small 16 year old, I still need adequate support to feel comfortable with what I do each day. The Brooks Rebound Racer holds me in just right and enables me to run, jump, ride over logs and do whatever else I desire without fretting about discomfort or lack of support.

By Courtney Snowball

IMG_9009Courtney is a She Science Ambassador and avid Mountain Biker. At just 16 she is competing in the national mountain biking circuit, placing 4thoverall in 2016 and 3rd overall in 2017. This year she has qualified for the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in September. Follow her on Instagram @courtney_snowball.


From Office to Trail – Brooks Anyday

I don’t know about you, but I am always in a hurry after work to hit the road, trail or track. Even more so now when daylight savings has ended and we are limited with the amount of daylight left to guide the way. So I really hate wasting precious sunlight getting changed once the clock hits 5!

anydayblackfront_clipped_rev_1.jpegI don’t usually like wearing my sports bra to work. But the Anyday bra by Brooks is the perfect everyday bra to serve the purpose of work to workout.

A great soft fit with light padding, giving a nice shape- it looks like a normal bra but it will give you a higher level of support, combining encapsulation and compression.

The bra is quite low cut, and you have the option of wearing the straps in traditional or cross back. This enables a wide range of outfit choices.

This bra does not come in a size 8, but I found that it was a small fit and hence I was able to fit well into a 10.

Overall a great compromise between different functions.


Kellie Marceau Photography

2016 Australian Trail Champion, Kellie Emmerson is a She Science Ambassador and serial ultra-marathon podium finisher.  Kellie professionally works as an Occupational Therapist, Running Coach and Body Pump Instructor. You can follow Kellie on facebook and on Instagram @kelemmo. 




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Breast Feeding + Exercise

By Libby Nuttall


There are so many questions running through your mind as a new mum, many of those about breastfeeding. For something so natural, it can actually be pretty hard to get the hang of! Exercise is not only safe, but recommended while breastfeeding. Studies show exercise does not have any long term affect on milk supply or nutrient content.

The benefits of exercise to a breastfeeding mother include enhanced mental health, improved fitness and more energy to cope with the demands of a baby, so now is the time to get active!

Many mums want to get back into their exercise soon after baby has been born, but are nervous about the process. Will my supply be affected? What if I start leaking? How can I tame my “ladies”? It’s all about making it work for you. Here’s my top tips for getting back into it.


Don’t rush back into high intensity exercise, allow your body to ease back into everything. Some women do find that increasing the intensity too quickly can affect their breastmilk supply, while others say it has no impact whatsoever.

You need to discover what works for you, but easing into exercise is advisable for everyone, even if you exercised right through your pregnancy. If you find noticeable changes in your milk or baby when introducing exercise, cut back and return gradually.


As a new mum, you may be sleep deprived and lethargic. You are also using more energy each day just by breastfeeding. Don’t forget, your supply can be affected by your lethargy, so don’t push it. It’s crucial that you are providing your body with the nourishment it needs, that is, good quality food, sleep and water, so you have the energy to exercise as well as produce milk.

In the early months, I find two to three days of exercise followed by a rest day is a good way to maintain and refill those energy stores.


Invest in a really supportive bra. Whether it be a breastfeeding bra or not, it needs to support your breasts so you can run with ease. Many women say their biggest challenge to overcome when it comes to exercise after baby is figuring out how to manage their breasts, so it’s invaluable to invest well and most of all, make sure it is correctly fitted.

One of my 'breast feeding appropriate' facvourites, the Juno!

One of my ‘breast feeding appropriate’ facvourites, the Juno!


There is evidence to suggest that lactic acid can build up in the milk supply during high intensity exercise. Once again, this can be different for all women, so just monitor your baby’s response when feeding. If she doesn’t mind, then continue. If you find bub struggles to feed after a workout, avoid feeding for 90 minutes, when your milk should return to normal.

And remember to change out of your sweaty clothes straight after a workout to avoid infection of the milk ducts.


Try to feed your baby before you do exercise. This will not only mean your baby isn’t subjected to a sweaty, salty nipple, but will mean you’re not as full while you’re working out. It can also alleviate any concerns about lactic acid build up.

Before you leave for the run, insert fresh nursing pads into your bra to prevent a mid-run leak!


By Libby Nuttall, Miracle Months 


libby nuttalLibby is a pre and post natal personal trainer in the Macedon Ranges. When she’s not hanging with her two sons, husband and Weimaraner (a.k.a; the boys), she is running high intensity fitness classes, volunteering as the president of the local playgroup, or working on her new range of pre and post natal wellness programs, Miracle Months. Libby had her second son in December 2015 and is loving sharing the journey back to fitness and strength post baby with her social media following. This year she is looking forward to competing in a number of runs and obstacle races. Follow Libby via Miracle Months facebookinstagram.


Moving Comfort Jubralee Product Review

By Priscilla Barrington, Triathlete, She Science Ambassador

Triathlon Sports Bra Australia Melbourne

For the past few years I have been wearing just lycra crop tops to exercise in. As my training regime has increased over time, sadly my two best friends have decreased and I’ve given them very little attention! I think it is natural for girls like me to shrug off good support with the thought “I’m small – there’s nothing to support!”

Getting fitted at She Science was the first proper fitting I have ever had. The first and most basic step of measuring my chest diameter showed instantly I was wearing the wrong sized bra. Jayde from She Science gave me a few options to try out on the treadmill and also measured the “bounce” – which yes, whilst being ‘small’ the advantage of minimal movement was evident, however there was definitely a difference between the brands. This was particularly evident when at the end I tried a bra that is most similar to what I was previously wearing (lycra crop top) and the movement was clearly greater.

I ended up choosing the Moving Comfort Jubralee bra. Just like clothing, sizes vary between brands and with much excitement I can tell the world I am wearing a whopping 8C!!! Minutes prior had I picked one up off the shelf I would have bought a 10A… I cannot get over the importance of a proper fitting, and recommend it to anyone who will listen!

Moving Comfort Jubralee MelbourneI have now being wearing the Jubralee for a month and absolutely love it. The bra gives more shape than the old lycra crop tops which increases self-confidence – particularly important when getting around in lycra! The Jubralee is traditional in style with two straps over the shoulders, which took some getting use to as I am accustomed to wearing an action back style sports bra. However this style means your back is more exposed and therefore cooler, which has been particularly great over these summer months. It also means you can clip the bra up at the front and spin it around (for those like me who struggle to clip up behind!) – which avoids stretching the bra over your head every wear like you do with a crop top which quickly stretches the bra and makes it ill fitting.

The Jubralee is comfortable, breathable, shapely and fits well under all my sports clothes. I highly recommend it to women of all sizes!

By Priscilla Barrington


Priscilla is a serial podium finished at short course Triathlon nation wide. As her competitive side developed she fell in love with the short course triathlons as she realised she could compete more often with these distances.  Her weekly training schedule is made up on 10 different swim, bike and run sessions. Priscilla is our go-to women for all things Triathlon! Follow her via her BlogInstagram.  



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Shock Absorber Sports Bra Stockist Melbourne Australia

We proudly stock the widest range of Shock Absorber Sports Bras in Australia.

Our shop front and online store stock four of Shock Absorbers most tried and tested Sports Bras, which include:

–          The Ultimate Run Bra / B5044

Ultimate Run Bra

Ultimate Run Bra










–          The Active D+ Classic Support / N109

Active D+ Classic

Active D+ Classic










–         The Active Multi Support (also called the D+ Max Sports Bra Top) / B4490

Active Multi

Active Multi










–      The Active Shaped / S015F

Active Shaped

Active Shaped










She Science stocks Shock Absorber Sports Bras in cup sizes A – H, and back sizes 8 – 18 (30-40).

Having worked closely with industry leading breast biomechanists in the UK, Shock Absorber have a reputation in the market place for being innovative leaders. Scientific analysis shows that Shock Absorber Sports Bras can reduce breast displacement by up to 74% during activity.

Our private in store treadmills will give you opportunity to put a Shock Absorber Sports Bra to the test next time you are in store.


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Moving Comfort Vixen Review

                                                   Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back

In Colour 'Gem Gloss'

In Colour ‘Gem Gloss’


Moving Comfort Vixen Appropriate for: A-D cup, 8 – 14 back 

Cost: $65 AUD

Colours: On trend colours vary from season to season,

Style: Racer back, no hook and eye clasps

Available online & in store via She Science


There is plenty to love about the Moving Comfort Vixen Sports Bra.

This pull over style bra works well for A – D cup ladies looking for a firm support and great shape.

A key feature in the Vixen is the moulded cups. The moulding ensures that shape is enhanced without adding too much volume and nipple show is completely eliminated. Each thin moulded cup is sewn in to the garment to ensure that it stays perfectly in place.

The racer back design means that to get the bra on body you need to pull it over your head. The firmness in the materials ensure that the garment isn’t damaged or stretched during this process, but because of this you should expect the bra to be a bit of a ‘squeeze’ to get in to. The band around the back should fit firmly, this firmness provides your support.

With no fixtures on the straps or the band at the back we love this bra for yoga, pilates and other sessions that involve laying supine (with your back against the floor).

The Vixen works well under most gym tops as the slightly lower neckline reduces the chance for bra exposure. This is another popular feature with women in store.

As we know, no bra will work for every shape and size. We find the Vixen works best for tall women, or women who are long in the torso. This is because the straps cannot be shortened at all. You may find the sizing system this bra uses a little different to most. Below is a conversion for how the sizing works against Australian sizes.

XS A/B = 8A and 8B

S A/B = 10A and 10B

M A/B = 12A and 12B

L  A/B = 14A and 14B

XS C/D = 8C and 8D

S C/D = 10C and 10D

M C/D = 12C and 12D

L C/D = 14C and 14D

Feel free to contact us via with any specific questions about the Moving Comfort Vixen. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

By Tish Monahan, Founder of She Science


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Bra shopping: A guide to only ever having good bra shopping experiences

CBAGOT_SheScience_Web_ 59One of the best (and most frequent) compliments we receive in store is a simple ‘that was the easiest bra fitting experience I’ve ever had’.

While it’s great to hear that our customers are having their best bra fittings with us, it’s still a frustration that the industry standard in bra fitting is so low.

So I’ve put together a list of ways to ensure you don’t ever leave a bra fitting upset, confused, empty handed or worse feeling bad about yourself.

1. Choose a specialist store

We know in life that it’s impossible to be the best at everything. Retailers are sadly not exempt from this rule. Unfortunately we see many trying to be the jack of all styles and end up as the master of none. Find a store that specialises in your bra size range or style required eg Sports, Swimwear or D cup+.

2. Call ahead and discuss your requirements

This gives you the opportunity to discuss your exact needs with the bra fitter so you can determine whether their store is the right match for you. It also allows the bra fitter to manage your expectations with how many options they may have for you, how long a fitting will take, how to avoid their busy periods, or if they have any current specials on that could suit you.

3. Leave yourself enough time to be fitted

Bra fitting can take time, particularly if there are a wide variety of options available to you. If you’re in a hurry, your bra fitter will be forced to rush you through things and you could miss either the educational benefits of a fitting, or a great style you didn’t have time to try.

4. Ignore the size on the tag

Much easier said than done, I know! Both a tape measurement and the size written on the tag are merely guides. They can vary between brands, and even styles within a brand. 8 out of every 10 fittings in store have us changing a women’s bra size which we understand can be emotionally challenging. Remember, being in a bra that fits properly will flatter you. So being open to a possible shift in band or cup size could result in a much better outcome.

5. Challenge yourself with different styles

Women will naturally gravitate to what they know or have experienced, but that isn’t always best. There is a whole world of options out there, so try not to rule out styles before you’ve tried them. Expert bra fitters not only have plenty of experience in fitting women, they also know the product they stock very well so it pays to follow their lead on what they feel could suit you. After all there’s no harm in trying.

A well-practiced bra fitter will have tons of tips for you on bra fitting. If they are not educating you as they go, ask them to talk you through some tips that could be relevant to you. Or even better, get them to assess the fit of the bra that you have been wearing. Chances are you’ll learn something that could assist you with the drawer of bras you have at home.

By Tish Monahan, founder of She Science, a specialty Sports Bra Store for cup sizes A – J

The benefits of being in a technical Sports Bra for horse-riding

By Tish Monahan, co-founder of Sports Bra Store – She Science

tish horse

As a busty rider myself and having helped hundreds of horse-riders in store I’ve put together a list of exactly what to look for when choosing a Sports Bra for horse-riding, and why you’ll be more comfortable in the saddle as a result.

  1. Bounce less.

Let’s start with the obvious. Studies show that a technical Sports Bra can reduce bounce by up to 80%. A well fitted Sports Bra will decrease both the amount breast displacement (bounce) and the rate of displacement. Recent research suggests it is the rate of breast displacement that causes breast discomfort. Anecdotally we know it is the amount of breast displacement that causes embarrassment. The end result means riders will be more comfortable and confident when in the saddle.

2. Get a great shape.

Traditionally Sports Bras were designed to squish the breasts together and squash them against the chest wall. While this is somewhat effective at controlling movement, it is not a flattering outcome, particularly for a busty woman. These days technical Sports Bras are designed to separate the breasts and then add a layer of compression which will leave a much more natural shape and avoid the ‘uniboob’ look.

3. Shed the second layer bra.

No woman should have to wear two Sports Bras just to feel supported. A technical Sports Bra will do a better job than the double layer system, and it will leave you feeling more comfortable with a neater strap configuration and less risk of pressure indents around your rib cage.

4. Moisture wicking materials.

Long rides plus hot weather (or multiple layers during winter) can cause a nasty sweating situation around your upper body. Being designed essentially for running and endurance type activities, a technical Sports Bra will offer moisture wicking materials to help draw sweat from the body to the outer layer of the garment. This helps control odour and also reduces the chance of bra burn.

5. It’s all about the fit.

If you’re not wearing the right size then even an award winning Sports Bra won’t get you a good result. To get the best result out of your Sports Bra the band should fit firmly around your ribcage. This takes unnecessary pressure off your shoulders and assists with posture in the saddle.

6. Coverage is king.

When trying to control breast bounce we need to block the vertical escape route of breast tissue. That means being in a Sports Bra that offers complete breast coverage using firm materials, and avoids cleavage. Women love the secure feeling that a high coverage Sports Bra leaves them with.

For ladies in Melbourne, you can visit our retail store in Kew, which specialises just in Sports Bras and caters for cup sizes A – J. We’ll also be at EQUITANA this November, at booth number 163 in the John Deere Pavillion.

For those not local to our store we offer our entire range online, and are only a phone call away for extra advice. Follow us online via facebook or instagram.

Here are some of our go-to options for horse-riders in store:


Enell Sports Bra, available in black or white
Click image for more details.

Click on the image for more details or to buy online

The Shock Absorber Active D+, available in black or white.
Click image for more info.

Click on the image for more details or to buy online

2XU Ultimate Endurance Bra
Click on the image for more details.





Elomi Energise, available in black, white, nude and red.
Click image for more details.

Moving Comfort Luna moulded Sports bra

Moving Comfort Luna, available in black, white and nude.
Click image for more details.


Sports Bras for teens

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was in fact an embarrassed teenager being dragged from store to store in search of an appropriate bra. I’m 29 years old now, but I can’t seem to shake those awkward memories. So helping teenagers is a particular special interest of mine in store. We enjoy being able to provide a welcoming and teen-appropriate service.

We know that most teen girls are not wearing a supportive bra for sport and activity. This sadly tends to form a pattern that flows in to their adult hood. While the outcome of fittings for teenager’s doesn’t differ greatly to that of an adults there are a few variations to our teenage fittings.

  1. Fashion plays more of a roll, and we accept this.

We want all ladies to feel comfortable and confident in the Sports Bra they are fitted with in store. But for teenagers it’s particularly important they are also happy with the look of the bra, as well as the fit and feel. This will result in them wearing the supportive bra more often. It’ll also have them feeling confident in communal change rooms they are often subjected to.


2.  Bras that allow for changes in breast volume are explored first.

Some bras will allow for fluctuations in breast volume. This is a great feature for teenagers that are growing rapidly. Given we will never leave ‘growing room’ in a Sports Bra, this is the next best thing. These bras typically have front adjusting straps and are non-underwire.


3.    A little less poking + prodding

It’s only natural for teenagers to feel awkward in a change room with a bra fitter. While it’s important we take accurate measurements and fit the bra to the body, we are aware most young women are not comfortable with being touched so we try our best to keep this to an absolute minimum.


4.   All sizes are worthy of support

It’s not just the D cup+ girls that need to worry about support during sport. Remember pain, discomfort and embarrassment are not linked to the size of breasts. All young women are fitted with supportive bras that are appropriate for their size and shape. Not only will this have young ladies feeling secure and confident during their activity, but it engrains in them the importance of support & breast health which will benefit them for a life-time.

I talk to so many women who clutch at their D cup + breasts claiming they are just ‘small’ and don’t need to worry about support. Realistically, not many of these women are aware of their real size. They aren’t as small as what they were when they were in high school, yet they still believe they are flat chested and don’t require support.

Mums often ask me in store when their teenage girls breasts will be fully developed. There is obviously not one simple answer for this. However, it does tend to be around 17-18 years old that they will be fully matured. Or, some research suggests 4 years post the commencement of their first menstruation. Remembering however that changes in weight, menstruation, ageing and pregnancy can all dramatically change the size of the breast, so very few people remain one size their entire lives.

Our in store range comprehensively caters for young women. A lot of teenage girls present with very small backs, so we carry some of our popular units in band sizes 6, 8 and 10. These 6 and 8 back bras are available in up to G cup. We also have a range of functional yet colourful racer back bras which tend to appeal to younger shoppers.

We look forward to helping you and your teenager daughters in to a better Sports Bra.


Our store details can be found at our website

Our range can be viewed online at

You can follow us at


Tish Monahan, owner of Sports Bra Store, She Science

The Yoga Bra Checklist

You might not believe this, but I’ve actually been more uncomfortable wearing an ill-appropriate bra during a Yoga class than I have been in a Body Combat class.
Just because Yoga happens to be a low impact activity, doesn’t mean breast support needs to become a low priority.
Here are a few key points to consider when looking for a Yoga Bra you’ll be comfortable in all class.


1. Coverage is key.

Make sure the neckline of your Yoga bra completely covers your breast tissue. This will have you feeling secure during any Downward Dog style poses.

2. Be choosey with the hook and eye clasps.     

A – D cup sized women should be able to go with a pull over style Yoga Bra that completely avoids any hook and eye clasps and will keep you comfortable during any supine poses. For ladies with a larger bust choose a bra that has flat hook and eye clasps, fastens at the front or uses cushioning behind the clasps to keep you comfy when you’re lying flat.

3. Moulded cups cover up.

A Moulded cup can reduce embarrassment caused by nipple show under tight clothes. Many women avoid a moulded cup as to not add volume to their bust. However, when fitted properly moulded cup Sports Bras will leave the most flattering shape on all different sizes.

4. Stick with a racer back.

To ensure you get an unrestricted shoulder range of motion choose a bra with a racer back strap configuration. For larger busted women that might mean finding a bra that the straps can be crossed or cinched to mimic the racer back design.

Some styles recommended by She Science.

A – B Cup / Nike Pro Bra

nike pro bra raspberry marle melbourne

B – C cup / 2XU Contour Bra

2xu contour bra black run bra

C – D Cup / Moving Comfort Juno

Moving Comfort Juno sports bra velvet purple racer back 3

DD – F Cup / Shock Absorber Active D+

Picture 743

G cup + / Enell Sports Bra