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Best Sports Bras for large breasted women

As you’ll know by now there is no ‘best bra’ for any category or size range, given that each of our individual set of needs are very different. But I have put together a list of, in my opinion, the best Sports Bras for the larger breasted woman. In no particular order, the below would be on my ‘recommend you try’ list!

PANACHE SPORTS BRA, DD-H, $80AUD This is certainly an industry winner! This bra offers a firm support using the encapsulation method which will ensure breasts sit separately and results in a great shape! Like most in it’s class it has wide straps to disperse pressure, and it also features a hook to convert to leotard strap. I find most women ‘feel’ much more supported with this strap adjustment. It features an underwire which means if you have a ‘wide set breast’ (eg. your breast starts beneath your underarm) then this may be a less comfortable option for you. Another plus, it comes in three colour options!

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image sourced from panache-lingerie.com

SHOCK ABSORBER ACTIVE MULTI SPORTS BRA, D – HH, $110AUD A quality crop top compression style bra for the larger bust is difficult to find. None the less, industry leaders Shock Absorber have managed to pull this off! The back features 2 clip points that form a racer back style. The straps are also adjustable which again is rare with racer back style Sports Bras. Given there is no underwire in this bra it is supremely comfortable, but I will say the shape from both front on, and the side view is slightly compromised because of this. I still rate this as a great motion control bra, and continue to receive positive feedback on it from my larger breasted product testers.

image sourced from shockabsorber.co.uk

ENELL SPORTS BRA, $100 A seriously unique Sports Bra specifically designed for the larger busted woman. This bra does up at the front, making it a winner for those with poor shoulder range of motion. This wire free Sports Bra utilises the compression method to deliver its support, so it has to be very firm to be effective. A by-product of the ‘firmness’ required will unfortunately result in a ‘uniboob’. I find this option most effective for women with a wide set breast, a larger back size, as an ‘over the top of another Sports Bra’ option and most certainly for those plagued with a shoulder injury or recovering from shoulder surgery.

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image sourced from enell.com

FREYA ACTIVE SAMBA SOFT CUP SPORTS BRA, D – H, $75 At its price point I think this bra is hard to beat! This is unlike any other bra you will have used in the past. It has a high profile around the neck offering complete coverage. It uses the encapsulation method of support, so totally separate the breasts. The shape of the actual cup is questionable in that is does cause the ‘Madonna cone bra’ look to a certain extent. If you have ‘uniboob phobia’ then this is the option for you! The U-style straps (traditional) can be adjusted to racer back via a hook to improve shoulder range of motion. Freya also offer a very similar bra, but with underwire. This is another good option, but given it has underwire cups it is harder to fit and will work for less of the population.

image sourced from freyalingerie.com

Something else to think about, is the idea of wearing a crop top style bra over your supportive Sports Bra option to further improve control. It’s important to know if you are going to do this then the strap configuration must be different on each of the bras to prevent painful compression over your shoulders and back. Personally, I used to be ‘against’ the idea of wearing 2 bras. But having done much more product testing and after collecting feedback from more larger busted women I am now of the opinion that if it does in fact improve someone’s comfort then… why not?!

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